Best Training Apps for Smartphone Users – Triathlon, Running, Cycling and Swimming

Back in the June of this year, we posted an article on “The Best Smartphone Apps for Triathletes and Endurance Running“.   With the large number of smartphone users, we have seen the demand grow substantially for apps to assist in training and logging of workouts.  There are many, many choices when it comes to the apps available for your smartphone. You have a wide variety free apps as well as paid apps.  Many of you may have received a new smartphone Christmas, so as we are about to move into the new year, lets take a new look at several of the apps that are available.

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 iMapMyRide (free on iTunes)


This is a free app you can download from iTunes.  The app provides the following features:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Route Map/Elevation
  • Calories Burned
  • Elevation
  • Nutrition
  • Manual Training Entry (bike, run, swim, etc)
  • Live Tracking for friends
  • Facebook and Twitter integration

I use iMapMyRide whenever I go for a ride.  I have had no problems in using this app and would recommend it.  The main reason I use this app is so my family can see where I am via the live tracker.

Jog Log ($1.99 on iTunes)

Jog Log

I recently downloaded Jog Log due to the integration the app has with Dailymile.  There are some great features with this app.

  • GPS Mapping
  • Couch to 5K plan
  • Listen to your music while you workout
  • Voice queues
  • Ghost pace – virtual pace tracking giving you audio updates
  • Interval timers – Nice feature that you can enter custom interval workouts
  • Sync with Dailymile and Runkeeper


This is a great social website for tracking your workouts while inspiring others to achieve their goals. Currently there are more than 7 million workouts that have been shared by users.


You can check your stats against your friends in a leader board style format. You can also send motivation to lift your friends to reach their goals.  Nice that you can send motivation.

As you look at your workout statistics, Dailymile provides some interesting information related to the miles you have logged. Besides the miles and time logged, you can see:

  • Total workouts
  • Total donuts (you are reading that correctly)
  • Pounds burned
  • TV’s powered
  • Distance traveled around the world
  • Gallons of gas saved

Nike + ($1.99 on iTunes)

Nike +

Nike is similar to other apps such as iMapMyRun.  This works well weather you have the Nike sensor or not.  With the iPhone it is not required to have the sensor.  The app provides the following features:

  • GPS tracking
  • Motivational messages from top athletes (for example you may hear Lance Armstrong congratulate you on your faster run)
  • Voice feedback
  • Listen to your music and activate your PowerSongs for motivation
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Route mapping
  • Sync workouts with Nike Plus on the web
  • Track indoor workouts

Cyclemeter or Runmeter ($4.99 on iTunes)

Cyclemeter or Runmeter turn your iPhone into a GPS enabled computer.  The app is entired powered on the iPhone (supported on the iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 or 4S.  Because of this, there is no website login needed.  The apps


supports running, cycling, walking and more.  Additional features:

  • Track time, distance, elevation and speed
  • Stop and start workouts with your headphone remote
  • See results on maps and graphs
  • Monitor progress with announcements
  • Race against previous workouts
  • Use Facebook, Twitter and Dailymile to share Google Maps of your workouts
  • Send emails to friends and family sharing your location and progress

Training Peaks (Free on iTunes)

Training Peaks

The Training Peaks app works in correlation with  App features:

  • Easy to read calendar
  • Log meals
  • Integrated bar code scanner to aid in logging your meals.
  • Enter swim, bike, run and other workouts
  • Track other metrics like weight and sleep.
  • Access your training calendar
  • Ad-free app

IronApp ($2.99 on iTunes)


IronApp is the home for triathletes on Facebook.

  • Track training daily and share it with the Facebook triathlon community
  • Printable training charts and calendar
  • See others competing in same races and ask questions
  • Keep a portfolio with upcoming and completed races
  • Update Facebook and Twitter status on training real-time

RunKeeper (free on iTunes)

RunKeeper provides similar functionality to other free fitness apps.  App features:


  • GPS tracking
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Activity sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  • Listen to your music while you run
  • Audio Cues providing distance and pace updates
  • Create interval workouts
  • Target pace training
  • Geo-tagged Photos – take photos while you run without having to stop your activity
  • Manual workout entry

Again, very similar to MapMyRide/MapMyRun in what it has to offer.  The main difference is you can listen to your music, where you have to have the paid version of Mapmyrun to listen to music.

MyFitnessPal (free on iTunes)


MyFitnessPal is a great app allowing you to track what you eat.  The app contains the largest food database of any calorie counter app.  App features:

  • Integrated bar code for scanning food labels
  • Tracks all major nutrients: calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol and more.
  • Input exercise calories burned for cardio or strength workouts
  • Manually enter calories burned or allow app to auto-calculate calories based on height, weight and intensity
  • Over 1 million foods and 350 exercises available in the database
  • Connect with other MyFitnessPal friends for motivation
  • Input favorite recipes for per serving nutritional information.

Beginner Triathlete (free on iTunes) is a popular website for triathletes around the world.  You can find great information related to races, training, forums and much more.  Now comes an app that you can use to log your triathlon workouts.

Beginner Triathlete

  • Add run, bike and swim workouts
  • See your progress
  • Auto-sync with your training log.

As you can see, there are many fitness apps available for your smartphone to help you during your workouts. Ultimately what you use comes down to preference, but give them a try. With the free options available, you will be pleased with what they have to offer.

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  1. There are a few others I have found as a result of searching the app store and from suggestions of other folks who ride. Not sure is any of the pros would suggest them but for me and the rides I do they work.

    Road Bike
    GPS cycle
    Sports Tracker

    One was a suggestion from the BikeCyclingReviews website… the others I just stumbled across while trying to find one that works for me. Each one has something a bit different so I pick and chose which one I use depending on if I am on a road bike or a mountain bike.

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